Beauty Products You Won’t Want To Forget For The Honeymoon


So you got to the point where you're ready to say “I do” and have all your wedding plans in place. Sometimes you also need to remember all of the things you need to pack for your honeymoon. There are many products that you can't afford to leave home without, and below are some ways to keep yourself sane when it comes to packing for your honeymoon. This is especially essential for those that are beach-bound when it comes to their plans after the big day and celebrating each other on a honeymoon. Here's a list of some great beauty products you won't want to forget for the honeymoon...


You want to keep your breath fresh for any make out sessions with your new husband, right? That means you'll need travel-size dental hygiene products for the honeymoon - even after the wedding kiss. The best place to score these on the cheapest online. Most whitening toothpaste are about $3 and up and include breath freshening agents. You might even want to get a packet of Gum, as well as some flossing Pixar floss, and a Whitening Gel pen to keep your smile as fresh as it was on your wedding day for all of your honeymoon pictures.


When it comes to keeping your fresh face Flawless for honeymoon photos, you will definitely need some beauty products from your bathroom. Don't forget an accelerator, makeup removing face wash, as well as an eye mask to keep the eyes bright, and a full coverage BB cream. You can grab all of these products and more from The Body Shop. Weather can be super-harsh on your delicate skin no matter what the climate. The Body Shop offers you various types of cleansers like aloe calming cream cleanser and vitamin c-rich cleanser, as well as moisturizers that help keep your skin glowing all throughout your honeymoon. You'll want to wash your face daily with one of these face washes in order to keep skin clear and free of any blemishes. Then, you'll appear full coverage BB cream afterward. You probably won't need much makeup on your honeymoon, but just in case be sure to pack a lip gloss, eyebrow shaper, and maybe even some cute eyeshadow.


The best part about the link above, the body shop offers you amazing discount and coupon codes free online. You can follow the link above in order to find up to 70% off of your favorite products. That’s some sincere savings when it comes to your honeymoon. Because you have broke the bank on your wedding, you might not want to break the bank on the honeymoon. So, you should definitely check out the coupons above in order to find your favorite honeymoon products for less. Of course, don't forget that if you are on a beach vacation the harsh sand, sun and pools can dry out skin - so you might need to grab a body cream from The Body Shop too!